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Hi, not sure if this is the best place to post this question or not. If not please redirect me.

Currently I have my computer and home theater all wired together. I have a 24" Sony CRT monitor which is getting up in years so I'm looking to move to a ~40" or so LCD TV.

Currently my monitor sits in the a computer armoire in our living room, having a computer armoire leaves a nice place for my monitor and keyboard and I just plop my center channel on the top of it.

With a larger monitor I can't use the armoire because it doesn't fit. Getting a larger 'TV' type center doesn't work because there's no place for the keyboard. I have a gaming keyboard which is not wireless that i'm not keen on giving up. The other issue is that using a coffee table for the keyboard towards the back of the room takes up real estate for Wii playing since that takes some space too.

We've talked about getting a wall mount for the TV, which is probably what we'll do, my wife is not too keen on putting a desk in the living room, although that may work, I would probably put the center channel on it which is a bit odd but perhaps functional, I'd be stuck getting some sort of entertainment cabinet for the reciever and video games since I doubt the desk will hold all that stuff well.

So I've tried searching the net and may end up just building custom furniture, but is there any place that sells home theater/desk type hybrid furniture? I'm ok with using the stand or a wall mount for the TV, but ideally I'd it on the wall I think and perhaps a keyboard tray that pulls out far so I'm not too close to a large display.

In summary I need a way to center the TV, center speaker and keep the keyboard in a reasonable viewing/sound position as well as store my computer/video games/other audio equipment. Mainly just looking for a website that might sell furniture that could fit the bill, but any and all suggestions welcome.

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