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Need Help with Sony 1272Q, G and R are silent

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I got this 1272Q a week ago. set it up, did some focusing and got a nice picture. Then I took the power block, HV block out and all three lenses off, thinking of doing fine tune to fit the whole screen and getting sharpper picture.

Now after all lenses off, I power up the unit and only the green gun is on, The red and blue are not firing up.

Anyone knows what's going on?

I also took all 5 80mm fans off and replace them with lower noice computer fans(same size), but after power up, all five fans are not turning. So I put the stock fans back, but still, will do the fans mod later.
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Either something has gone bad on the CA (RG) board or a connector has slipped off that board.
Where is the CA(RG) board?
I saw the pic. I did not touch this board before. But I did pull the BA board out to set the dynamic pic sw.
Curt, thank you a millium times. You don't know how happy I was when I saw the light coming out of the B and R crt. It was the little PCB that attatch the socket I guess to the pin on the back of each B and R crt guns. When I took out the lens and metal crt spacers and pull out the CRT a lttle bit. That made the lttle pcb detached with the pins on the back of the CRT. I was thinking of putting some nuts on the lower two screws of each gun between the crt spacer and the crt itself so that I can I project a higher angle ( my projector is hidding in a coffee table and it's a bit to low to point to the center of the screen).

Question like mention above, can I insert a nut on the lower two corcer of each gun between the metal spacer and the crt in order to have it project a bigger angler ?

Question two, since I do not have a scaler yet, I connected my laptop with a VGA->5 BNC breakout cable to the projector RGB in, but it keep saying NO INPUT on A? Does it mean I have a bad RGB board? or simply it is illegal to connect a laptop to the projector?

Thanks again.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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