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Need help with speaker wire

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Any good (and cheap) suggestions on how I can pull about 15 feet of speaker wire under the carpet and pad in my family room. Pulling up the carpet is not an option. I borrowed a fish something or other(sorry to be so dumb) from a guy at work but it is hard to control an impossible for me to keep in a straight line. I understand the principle but just can't make it work.

Thx in advance,

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Have you thought about laying the wire down at the juncture of the carpet and baseboard and running cable around the perimeter of the room? They make moulding strips that can then be applied to hide the wire. Pulling non-flat cable under carpet doesn't work very well--it tends to leave a ridge/bump across the carpet, which can be very noticeable if you're using 12/14g wire. Flat wire is always an option, but it can get expensive.
If you need to run it across the middle, try a couple of yardsticks end to end. Stiff and flat enough to do the job. just make sure to tie a wire to the end of each in case they come apart in the middle. I have used this trick many times.
Try reading this article

Parts Express carries most of the LSD tools.

Originally posted by JHawk
how I can pull about 15 feet of speaker wire under the carpet and pad in my family room. Pulling up the carpet is not an option.
Basically, you need something stiff. If you have enough room at one end, get a long, thin piece of wood (like a baseboard) and shove it under. Even if it is along the edge of a room. Attach the wire to it, and pull it back. Once you have the wire coming out of both ends, you can wiggle it back and forth to get it into the middle of the room.

You could also use thin PVC pipe. If you don't have room to use a single 15-foot piece of stiff wood, get a PVC, cut it into shorter pieces that let you can work with. Shove each piece under the carpet, and then glue the nex one on with a connector. Then, cut them off when you pull it back out. PVC is what I use to "dig" tunnels under a sidewalk - hook a hose to one end, turn on the water, and blast a tunnel under a sidewalk. That works pretty dark quickly!
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Just a cautionary tale before you start sliding that cable under the carpet. I recently had new carpet laid down in my living / ht room, at the same time as I was setting up my new 5.1 system. I thought it would be easy to lay some flat speaker cable under the carpet. Unfortunately, the carpet was to thin and the flat wire too big. You could see and feel the lump where the cable ran, plus it would have picked up dirt. ($75.00 to ahve the carpet guys come back and remove the cable!) If you have thick carpet, this might not be a problem. But I would test out a section before doing the whole shebang.
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