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Need help with strange IR problem

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I am getting some interference with my IR setup...and cant seem to track it down.

Basically, whenever I press a button on my remote, I get video noise/intereference on my display devices.

Setup is as follows.

IR distribution is totally separate from the A/V system. I have IR receivers in three rooms all feeding to one IR block and then flashers taped to each A/V component.

ALL video switching is done using an AV Toolbox 4x2 matrix component switch box. There is a HD tivo and a DVD player connected as inputs and a Sony projector in one room and a Sony HDTV in another room getting the component feeds from the switcher.

Seeing that both the IR and video distribution systems are completely separate and independant of each other...I cant figure out where the intereference is coming from. :mad:

The only possibilities that I can think of are...

1) some kind of a grounding issue since both systems DO share the same power system (i.e. everything is plugged into a panamax unit)

2) could it be that the IR and component cables are run too close together? maybe the cable(s) arent shielded well enough?

ANY help would be greatly appreciated!
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I don't think that it is a problem between the IR and component cables. You may want to try isolating pieces of equipment to see if it is an internal problem with one of them (i.e., the component matrix or TV).

Some questions to help narrow it down:
  • What *kind* of video noise is it, i.e. what does it look like?
  • When you use a remote in room A, does the noise also appear on the display in room B?
  • Does the problem go away if you bypass the component switcher?
  • By "completely separate", are you saying that the IR signals travel at baseband over dedicated wire, versus being "injected" into a coax network or transmitted over an RF link?
  • If so, what type of wire are you using for the IR signals? If it's a shielded wire, are you grounding the shield at one end or both ends?

- digiphotonerd
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