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Need Help With Surround Speaker Placement

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I have recently bought the Jamo S606 package and this is my first home theater setup. My question is about where to place the S602 bookshelves as my surround speakers. My choices are to either wall mount in the corners or on the side walls. The setup guide I see online shows surround speakers in 5.1 setup to be placed on side walls but I would much rather like to put them in the corner aesthetic purposes, but if side placement would produce better sound then I will compromise and go with that.

Also for the corner mount, the speakers would be flush mounted against both walls and be firing toward the front of the toward the tv. The side mount would still have them flushed against the wall but about 1 foot away from corner and they would be firing to the sides of the room toward each other. Also I have those rubber feet things that come with the speakers to be placed when wall mounting to maintain a 1/4" gap between speaker port and wall.

If anyone has any experience of advice please post as I am unable to continue my install until I figure out placement. Also I read online that capping the port on the rear of the speaker would help with corner placement but would this sacrifice my midrange performance?
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If you haven't found a place yet if possible just try both locations, and as far as capping the port again just try and see what you think.

You have to live with it so whatever sounds the best to you.
RCBridge is right. You'll have to play with it. Any reason in particular you're not looking at stands for the rears?
I did not want stands because I want to free up floor space. Also I put screws in and decided to go with mounting them on the side walls as it is standard 5.1 speaker placement practice. Also I decided to not block the port for now because I placed the speakers about 18 inches from the corner wall.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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