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Hello everyone. Here are some pics of the room (11x13) transformation in my mobile home.

First removed the thin sheet rock. And replaced it with 1/2 inch sound covering windows and closet door. board

Then 1/2" sheet rock on top.

Then covered the sheet rock. Bottom half with chocolate colored velvet and the top half with Silk. I know it sounds funky and looks even funkier in pictures put it works quite well. Ceiling is black and back wall is black also.

After time I upgraded components. Had to cut the door hole for the closet back up. I plan on covering it again. But this is how it currently looks

New 73738 Mitsubishi. Yamaha receiver with cheap Sony speakers, but they will do for now. And a PS3. Im happy with the set up for now. What im not happy with is the seating.

So this is were I need your help. I have ran into these options on Craigslist and cant deside. On top of that I HAVE to get one today sense my friend with the truck is leaving on vacations tomorrow.

So 2 of these. They recline and have massage for $150 total.

This one has a center section that I love and It give me the option to sit in the middle for gaming but the color sucks. $150

Now this one I love. Problem is the price and the fact that it does not fit in the room. It will only fit if I make it a 2 seater with 1 center. but then I have 1 chair and 1 center in storage. $450

And my last option, This one might take the cake. Has cup holders and storage. Recline. And match my room a bit..

So what do you guys think.
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