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I have currently KEF KHT 3005s in a room thats about 16 x 16 x 8

I am moving to a dedicated theater room of about 21 x 11 x 9

My question is I always found the KEFs to be a little light in the midrange and particularly the center channel.

I was thinking of getting a good sub such as Epik Conquest and using my KEFs.

Or getting the sub anyway and upgrading to bookshelves or floorstandings.

I want a fuller range of sound in the front three and if I stay with KEF it is going to be much more expensive than maybe selling them piece by piece (already sold the sub) and looking into other vendors.

So my requirement is a 5 speaker system to fit ~$1000-$1200 less is better of course if I can find a good value.

Otherwise my option to at least upgrade the KEF center! If I go that way, please make a recommendation

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With Vann's selling off last year's models of Kef Q-series, you can get an awful lot for your money. Much bigger than the 3005 eggs; I have the iQ1 and iQ2 and they sound great.

- floorstanding, iQ7 (maple, walnut or black), $200 each

- floorstanding, iQ5 (black) $200 each, (walnut) $180 each

- centre, iQ6 (walnut only), $270

- centre, iQ2 (maple, apple or black) $150, (walnut) $100

- bookshelf, iQ3 (maple or black) $250 / pair

- bookshelf, iQ1 (black) $200 / pair

- rear surrounds, iQ8DS, (black) $350 / pair, (walnut, maple) $330 / pair

walnut - $1330

- iQ7 fronts $400

- iQ6 centre $270

- iQ8 surrounds, 2 pair, $660 (or use black iQ3 for one set)

maple - $1210 (or $1130)

- iQ7 fronts $400

- iQ2 centre $150

- iQ8 rears $330

- iQ8 sides $330 (or iQ3 sides $250)
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