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hi all 

i have the next setup.


tv : ue46c6570

av: rx-v667

rasbery: for the ip camera door bel motion

pc : xbmc / setup fibaro 

bd: samsung


last week i got a power spike ? end it burns mij rasbery pi , samsung ue46c6570 mainbord , pc hdmi kaart

fixt my main bord samsung ue46c6570 en replaced the rasbery pi 


if i connect the hdmi cabel from the tv ( ue46c6570) to the av ( rx-v667 ) then the hdmi cec dont work any more

i have reset the av: rx-v667 to default settings .


the qwestion is : are there more ways to reset on the yamaha rx-v667 ( a fuse ? ) 

öre must i replace the main bord of this device 


greets marco ( holland ) 
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