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I'm new here and I was searching on this site to find a suitable forum topic to post this but I can't. It's not for flaming or anything about the type of TV.

I want to buy a new TV and read some topic off the internet. I'm debating on a LCD or Plasma. Someone directed me to this site. From other sites, they asked me some questions. Here's the questions and what i've answered. Not sure if it's related or not but I would like some feedback on this.

3000$ / 3500$

Preferred screen size?
Around 60 inch. (I had a 51 so don't want to go smaller)

Viewing distance?
15 feet (around that, may be less)

Utilization of the TV (e.g. 40% Movies, 30% Gaming, 30% TV)?
45% TV 35% Gaming 20% Movies

Are you prone to phosphor trails on plasma display panels (click here)?
No, but it's good to know.

Will the TV be used as a monitor (via VGA/HDMI/DVI) for browsing the net, word processing, gaming etc?
Gaming (xbox 360 and Wii). Also surfing the net on the WII.

Will the TV be used to watch High-Definition videos via DLC, HD-DVDs and Blu-Ray?
Watching High-Def. movies. Will eventually get a Blu-Ray but not right now.

How big is the room (optional)?
Not big but don't have a measurement.

Is ambient light an issue (big windows / patio doors nearby, etc...)?
It's gonna be in the basement. 2 windows but will have curtains on it. Mostly it will be dark and I have a dimmerlight switch.

Do you prefer to buy from an online store or from a local dealer?
Local Dealer

List all your current A/V devices and any future purchasers.
AC receiver. A satellite dish receiver. Wii. xbox 360. DVD player. (will get a blu-ray later)

Any additional comments, requests, considerations that you think are important that we should consider?
Is the Phosphor trail comon now with new plasma? Is it better when it's a bigger screen or less.

Thank you.


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Originally Posted by daniel'son /forum/post/15412957

.. Pioneer 6020; case closed.

But i don't think he will be able to buy one locally for his low $3500 budget . . . maybe not even online for that price.

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Originally Posted by RandyWalters /forum/post/15414279

But i don't think he will be able to buy one locally for his low $3500 budget . . . maybe not even online for that price.

.. thanks Randy, you're right again; spoke too soon w/o actual prices but thought it was in ballpark. Well, guess extra $400 or so.

Hey ROMAN .. little help!!!

edit: if you don't want to go smaller than "51incher", then Panasonic 58PZ800U would be nice alternative.
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