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I just bought a Samsung Ln40B630 and I would like to set up a small but respectable 5.1 home theater system with it. I'm thinking of going with the Energy 5.0 Take Classic paired with a BIC America F12 sub-woofer. This setup would cost only 350. Any thoughts on this? Or, for 400 I could get the Take 5 Classics bundled with the Energy ESWC10.

I'm also considering spending a little more for the Energy C-50 speakers with C-C50 center channel (although I'm having difficulty finding this as a package anywhere online). I would like to keep the speakers/sub combo under 500. I will be using the setup for 60% TV (almost entirely sports) 30% movies and 10% music. The room is only 12x13 but I would like to have the option of someday moving them into a larger room.

I would like the speakers to have some oomph, and I'm just concerned that the Energy Take Classics will be a little too wimpy (although I do read great things about them, particularly on CNET).

If anyone has recommendations for other speakers or subs that I have overlooked, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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