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I had my home theater built about 10 years ago and systematically have replaced most of the A/V components over time. The last item was a old AMP that drove a Subwoofer that was custom constructed in the wall behind fake heating shield. The box/speaker are still there and work and the two black/red wires going to it. I have a Yamaha 5:1 Receiver/Amp that the single sub output goes to an old 100 external watt amp that drives this sub speaker. I went into the theater today and loud hum from the sub. I tried unplugging the RCA and nothing worked except unplugging the amp itself. Thus, this thing is 10+ years old....think it made be degrading ?

Anyway, don't want to buy intergrated sub/amp because it means some construction plusd paying for speaker/box I do not need. So, where/what can I buy as a simple subwoofer external amp ?

Thanks !!!
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