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Need horizontal tilting wall mount for tc-p65s1 panasonic plasma?

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I need the TV to swivel a few inches to the right.

Looks like they have one at monoprice, but it is all sold out and it brings the TV 6 inches away from the wall.

The panny weights 145lbs.

Is there a mount that can swivel and does not sit too farr off the wall?

I need to order asap...plasma will be here next Monday!

Thanks in advance
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I used a Vantage Point U70, it'll support anything from 50-70" and 250lbs. Google it and see if it suits your needs because the mounting system is different from the Monoprice models. It is tiltable and only sits about 2.6" from the wall. I would suggest connecting everything before mounting it up because that distance is still a tight fit to get your hand in behind the unit.
does not tilt to the right..soo not really gonna help.

After some research I found that there are some articulating arm mounts that mount in-wall.

Anywhere that I can get an in-wall mount for a 65" plasma for under $200?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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