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I have been using a Pioneer HTS-GS1 5.1 for several years now and it fits my low-end needs nicely. I have a friend who needs something similar. He has a PS3 and XBox and a Wii an a small family room, with a 52" Phillips Kuro Plasma HDTV.

I think he will therefore need maybe three optical inputs (HDTV, PS3, XBox) in a low-end system. I'm not sure how to hook up the Wii, probably can route it through the HDTV and back to the HTIB. Maybe he can route PS3 and XBox audio through the HDTV also, but I know that does not work for my Panasonic Plasma (Panny outputs 2 channel audio because of HTCP? restrictions), so more research required there. He may need an optical switch to handle 3-4 inputs on a low-end system.

He can play Blu-ray and DVD though the PS3, so no need for a DVD component.

What are his best choices for a 5.1 Home Theater System?
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