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I want to send IR commands from my control system to the media closet located in another room. Media closet has 4 components:

Anthem MRX 700 : External IR In

DirecTV HR24-200 receiver

Oppo BDP-93 : External IR In

Apple TV

I also want to send IR command from my control system to Projector that is located in another room.

Projector is Benq W6000

The control system has 3 separate IR ports available.

I was prewired with 3 cat 6 cables between control system and my media closet.

I was also prewired with 3 cat 6 cables between media closet and the projector.

I was thinking of getting Xantech 789-44 receiever transmitter. It will connect with one of the IR ports in my control system and take the signal to my media closet.

I will take output of this connecting block and connect them to my Apple TV and DirecTV receiver via IR emitters. I am trying to figure out if I can just take a mono cable and connect it to the connecting block and my Receiver and BluRay Player that take external IR input. It is confusing because Xantech also makes an Xantech 28EXT Emitter External Adapter and claim that it is required to plug into external IR input port of components. This adatper is quite expensive as compared to an IR emitter. Is there a big advantage in using external IR in over normal IR emitter that justifies the additional cost.

My other question is about length of the IR distribution.

Distance between control system and media closet is about 55 feet.

Distance between media closet and projector is about 25 feet.

I have 2 choices for connecting blocks.

1) Take a 1 to 4 connecting block for the 4 components in the media closet.

Run a separate IR signal over twisted pair that connects control system to the projector

2) Take a 1 to 6 connecting block from control system to the media closet and run the IR output from there to the projector.


Can I just use 1 Cat 6 and use two separate twisted pairs to send IR signal to my components( Projector will get 1 IR signal and the rest of the components will get the other IR signal). I have plenty of Cat 6 wires available so if there is any possibility of interference I can use separate Cat 6 wires to transmit the IR signal.


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Control system is existing Crestron AES.

The new components are for home theater that not connected to Crestron system at all. I am trying to reuse the existing Crestron 1 way gateway with my MX-980 remote.
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