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Need ISF in CT. So far no one I find responds to e-mail. :-(

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Hi. I emailed Greg Loewen from lionav.com, but he has not responded to inquiries for some reason.

I am looking for an ISF calibration of my Panasonic 47WX49 and prefer to have someone do it who has experience with this model.

So far my phone calls to various places has produced nothing but basic "We charge $300 and go up from there" responses, with no one having any experience with my set or even other recent Panasonic RPTV's. I have been unable to get any other pricing info. :(

Anyone I have emailed has not responded as of yet.

Can anyone refer me to a trusted ISF teck? I would be greatly appreciated.

Looking for:

Grayscale on Component inputs (plus an eyed grayscale on 480i s-video)

Convergence touch-up & geometry

Overscan reduction

Mechanical and electronic focus

Shutting off the remaining EE via the hidden menu (I physically disabled SVM already)

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If I were out there visiting my in-laws in Meriden, I'd help ya. Since I'm on the left coast, though, you might try Kevin Miller. He's in NYC, but he does travel a bit. Check out www.isftv.com and drop Kevin a note; if he can't do it he'll send you to someone who can.
How about BOBL from Western MA?


He did a great job on my Hitachi, would give him a good recomendation.

You can PM him here at AVS:

Here is a link to his profile:


and here is a link to the ISF website and his link to his email and Website.


BobL gets my highest recomendation:D
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Eliab and David do excellent work and are proficient in most models.


Originally posted by Matt_Stevens
Hi. I emailed Greg Loewen from lionav.com, but he has not responded to inquiries for some reason.
He could be on tour.

Try him at www.hometheaterforum.com

He's a moderator there.

Gregg is very, very good as well.
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I'm not a member at HTF and don't care to be. But thanks for the names, guys. I will be contacting them all. If anyone else has any other names, please advise.

Just sent him an email. :)
Hi Matt,

I live in Norwich and am thinking of having my HLM507 ISFed. Will watch you posts and may jump on. Can you believe ANOTHER snow storm..............where is spring?

Spring is stuck in Hell, where it can't get out!! :eek:

Now, I have spoken with a number of ISF guys from the listed above and quite frankly, do not know who to go with! First I couldn't get a hold of anyone and now I have offers from everyone. I will feel bad about not choosing someone.

What to do? What to do...? I am sure I could pick any and be happy. So I am publicly saying no hard feelings to anyone that I do not pick. I am about to draw a name from a hat.
I had Gregg Loewen do my Mitsubishi. He works on all the major brands. Did a nice job: very efficient. He lives in Maine, but does tour the Northeast a lot.
hi Matt!

I still have not received an email from you??

Anyways, I come by New Haven every couple of months and could easily assist you. My Panny work includes color decoder work and removing the edge enhancement on your model of set. (In addition to 480i, 480P and 1080 i calibration, E and M focus, overscan, and convergence). I dont charge mileage in New England and my price on Pannys is $475.

Email [email protected] if interested.


Gregg Loewen
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Hi Matt,

Try Kevin Miller at ISFTV.com. You won't be disappointed, he is superb!

Good Luck
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