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Hi, I'm looking for someone with experience configuring Z-wave, and hopefully Zigbee and other home automation controllers and gear.

I'm launching a new site end of May called smarterhomeautomation.com where we will be reviewing home automation products and systems.

I am in need of someone local who is comfortable installing and configuring the latest on home automation, and ideally has some talents writing, and ideally is interested in maintaining a blog, or writing product reviews or all three.

While a local person is highly desired for doing a lot of the work in a dream home project we are doing in terms of home automation, bloggers or reviewers do not necessarily need to be here in So Cal. Anyone interested would need to have their own Z-wave, etc. running in their home so they can properly review products sent to them.

The timing is immediate. This is an opportunity to make extra money, hone skills, but at this time, it is contract work. It is possible that it will lead to a permanent position down the road. If you have the talent and knowledge, please get back to me, best way: reviewer @ projectorreviews . com
Thanks! -art
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