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Need moment of clarity-Denon E400

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Just set up my new E400, connected speakers, sub. etc. and HDMI from cable box to Cab/Sat and HDMI out to TV.

No programming is shows as "Dolby Digital" on front of AVR, just PLII. Connected coax from cable box to AVR and selected input of Digital not HDMI. Now it shows Dolby Digital on front of AVR.

Double checked parameters on cable box to make sure digital output is Dolby Digital.

Why can't I get Dolby Digital via HDMI? Also, new, 1.4 HDMI cables being used.

My Denon AVR 591 downstairs, with same cable box, decodes Dolby Digital via HDMI.

Thank you for your anticipated help!
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When the AVR front panel displays DD PLII, it means it is only receiving a stereo signal. In addition to ensuring the cable box has Dolby Digital enabled, you must also select a HD channel that is broadcasting a DD 5.1 signal as generally only about 1/2 of them do.

For more helpful information, review posts #3-6 in the 2013 Denon AVR E/X Owner's thread ....

Yet via coax I get Dolby Digital on the display on a channel that via HDMI shows as PLII?

Originally Posted by krv  /t/1520562/need-moment-of-clarity-denon-e400#post_24428389

No programming is shows as "Dolby Digital" on front of AVR, just PLII.

Hi krv, try pressing and holding the Movie mode button (or Music, Game) to bring up option for sound modes.
As JChin implies, surround modes are stored by input. Select Dolby Digital on the HDMI input and you should be good to go.
Thank you all for your help.

Dolby digital is not an option with HDMI via the remote. Should it?
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