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I want a monitor for both gaming and movies, so good quality picture plus minimal lag, I am willing to pay decent money for one. Some brand-model names and review links too maybe.

Wish list:

Native resolution:

I think 1920 x 1200 is best, but I suppose I can live with 1920x1080. Though if someone thinks a different resolution would be better, please tell me.


Most of the time it will be pretty close to my face, like a keyboard or a keyboard and a half width away. Something just big enough to take up my main field of vision so I don't have to move my eyes around too much to see the whole screen. Not sure what size that would be. Though sometimes I might wish to bring it with and use it to watch something on it with other people. I guess something 19-27inches perhaps?

Decent viewing angles.

Low power consumption.

Decent adjustable stand.

Good image scaling.

A number of different inputs:

Composite RCA would be especially nice, you know the ol red, white, and yellow video inputs, but I know its hard to find these and if it has a AVG input on it, I can get a composite to AVG converter box for $30 (though beyond the additional cost, I'd hate to have to deal with another box) A HDMI and/or component input would be nice. DVI-D and/or a display port is probably a must.

A good warranty would be nice, especially if it is rather pricey.

Anything else you guys might think of that I might appreciate in a monitor.
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