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I don't watch much TV, but I fully appreciate good picture and sound for a nice movie. My current TV is an old RCA 27" console stereo beast. You know the type... they're wood and sit on the floor. Well, mine kicked the bucket a couple years ago.

My dad said I need to turn my house into a bachelor pad instead of a dorm room, so that's why I'm here right now.

I've started cleaning the living room and found that my TV is broken and so is my audio control unit/receiver. The TV not so bad, but it SUCKS to find out my stereo is fried.

Anyways, today I'm TV shopping. I have a wooden armoire that I just realized would be an excellent A/V cabinet. The interior is just slightly over 42" wide so I decided a brand new, HD 1080p, LCD TV would rock.

I'm completely newb here. I haven't researched LCD/DLP TV's in years so I'm looking for your input.

If you can, please recommend a TV that as closely as possible meet the following requirements.

No more than 42" wide or 18" deep.

Great picture quality (1080p?), blacks, color clarity etc...

Video input options

and the kicker.... about $500.00 or as close to it as you can get.

Any suggestions and input will be greatly helpful!

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