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We have this powered mixer "thing" that currently runs all our audio speakers, subwoofers, microphone for our business.

It powers 4 larger subwoofers and about 20 smaller speakers for music, and microphone usage in our building.

This thing is pretty old, and huge - I would think nowadays you could find similar technology in a smaller footprint.

I really don't know a lot about audio stuff - but thought this would be a good place to ask questions.

So for more information on what we have.... here are some really useful links!

What we have: See attached photos. I tried to provide a link but wouldn't let me since I am a new user. You can google "Brunswick Rockworx" or "QSC Mix 1500a" and find out more info on what we have

For the photos - I would also LOVE to find a way to incorporate the "silver box" that is sitting ontop of the giant black box into one unit. Silver box is used to control some volume levels / microphone plug in.

Anyways let me know if anyone has specific recommendations


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