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Ok, so I am pretty much the most indecisive person in the world, and I apologize for that. I have decided there are entirely too many options in the home audio world. However, I think I have narrowed it down to 2 options:


Just get the packaged Onkyo 9400THX system.


Receiver - Onkyo TXNR609

Pioneer Surround Bundle - FS-51 pair (L&R), C21 (center), and BS-21 pair (rear)

Another pair of BS-21 to make 7.1

Subwoofer - either the Energy S10.3 or the BIC F12

Option 2 ends up being about 130 dollars more than option 1, both are in my budget. For home theater, sports games, and some music.


1. Given the price difference, which would you choose? It basically comes down to if the different speakers are that much better considering both options have the same receiver.

2. If I decide on option 2, will the non-THX rated speakers make the system not sound as good for movie surround sound? In both cases I will have the Audyssey EQ.

3. If I decide on option 2, is that receiver a good match for those speakers? The fronts and center would have 130w max input while the 4 surrounds would have 80w max input.

4. Which sub would you go with? I am leaning towards the F12.

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