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I am considering purchasing a Sharp Aquos 37D44U. I did searches here and don't see this model talked about much at all -- so I'm starting this thread hoping to get more info/opinions about it.

Currently I have a Vizio VW37L (still in the box) that I got from my local Costco for $490 on black friday. I am considering returning it and getting the Sharp 37D44U for $608 from Costco.com instead. The other option I am considering is getting the 37D64U for $625 from Dell.com. The reason I haven't jumped on the 64U is primarily because it would have a 1-year shorter warranty than either of the sets purchased from Costco (since they extend the warranty one additional year) and because returning to Dell.com would be much more of a pain (and I think they have restocking fees). The last thing I should mention is that this won't be my primary HDTV, but rather just the one in my bedroom -- but that also means I will be using the built-in speakers (not that I expect much from them).

Note: all prices above included any applicable shipping charges but not tax (which is moot since both Costco and Dell charge me tax).
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