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Need OTA Help In Dallas

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Im a newbie to all this stuff, so please go easy on me. The only channel Im able to get is CBS (11-1) now. Yesterday I was able to get ABC (8-1) and a PBS (13-1). What happened?? I tried moving my indoor antenna (RCA ANT1250) around to see if I could pick it up, but no luck. Im starting to feel real bad now for paying 64 dollars just to pickup one station. I just dont know if it is worth it. Sure enough it was outstanding to see the Final Four last nite. I thought I was going to cry. If only I could pickup at least ABC I would be alright with that, but just not one station. Im just asking all you folks with experience if I should even try using an indoor antenna. Im not going to do an outside antenna. I think it would be to much of an hassle. I guess I will just have to be content with what Direct Tv gives. Also another question, why is that the Hughes E86 gets so hot????????????
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I can't help but I'm interested to hear what happens since I'm considering this also. Are you not getting a good signal with DirectTV? I'm also thinking about switching from Comcast to DirectTV.
Directv does not carry the local stations in HD.

what is your zip in Dallas? what are the actual channel #s for those stations (VHF or UHF)? is teh 1250plugged in and amplified?

what signal were you getting on Monday?what signal did you get yesterday?

as for teh e86, do a search you'll see a bunch of info on it
go to www.antennaweb.org and put in your address. This site will tell you precisely what angle to point your ant.

You may also want to consider stepping up to a full size antenna for the attic or roof. I'm out NW of DFW and was only able to pickup 2 DTV signals OTA with an indoor unit. So I got the VU-90 from Radio Shack (cheaper than the indoor unit) and now I have 14 solid stations from the attic.

Now if they could just get the Stanley Cup Playoffs in HD OTA I'd be in heaven...

Is KDFI-DT 36 running the games? ( I can't pick them up... )

I did the same as Need-N-Help. I guess it was the Vu-90, it was normally $39 on sale for $29 a couple weeks ago. I get all the Dallas area OTA HD channels from my attic.

I also bought their 8' pole and wall mount bracket. This made it very easy to mount it to one of the 2x6 ceiling joists in the attic.

When 'pointing' the antenna, be sure you point the small end of the antenna (which is the UHF end) toward the direction indicated on the antennaweb.org website.
Just out of curiosity...why is pointing an outdoor or attic antenna more of a hassle than setting up a DirecTV dish?
For me handling an 8' x 6' antenna in my attic ( w/o a floor ) by myself was a small challenge lagistically. I also choose to 'free float' the antenna vs. a mounting kit as tlight did. (by free float, I mean that my antenna is suspended by rope... may sound rigged, but it's clean & functional) Finally you must make your best attempt to point the thing in the 'best' direction for all stations you care about. :)

With a dish usually they throw in free install so you have zero involvement, but if not... The mounting kit on the dish is convenently marked w/ angles and degrees as to assist finding the proper sat. Grab a signal strength meter and your almost done.
I used long zip ties hung from small nails in the rafter to support my 80" Radio Shack Cat # 15-2152 antenna in my attic. After getting the azimuth from the antennaweb site, you should merely have to tweak it a +/- 20 degrees or less. The important thing is to use the analog TV signal to position your antenna, not the digital signal. the better your analog signal, the more robust your digital signal will be since the transmitters are at the same site.
maybe my advice to use the analog signal isn't the best for your receiver if it has a signal strength meter. My HD receiver does not have a signal strength meter, so I used the analog channel's picture quality as my "signal strength meter". It worked for me, though, as I receive them all.
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