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Need pics/help with seating riser

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I'm ordering 6 Berkline 090s for my theater and would like to see pics of people's seating risers and/or get advice on building one. my front row will consist of 2 090s (a loveseat configuration) and the rear will be the remaining 4 (possibly configured as 2 loveseats). The riser will be 6 inches high. My theater is 14.5' wide by 22.5' long and I have soffits that run the entire length of the theater that hang down 12" from the ceiling. Full ceiling height is 7'10" but under the soffits is about 6'7" or so. The space between the soffits is 9 feet. I'm wondering how wide and deep the riser should be for best performance/ergonomics. I don't want tall people (including myself - I'm 6'3") to have to worry about bumping their head on the soffit when stepping up onto it.
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Mine is very, very simple.




I used 2x6 for the joists, but wish I would have used at least 2X8's. I put each 1 foot on center and 3/4" OSB and it is plenty solid. To add a touch more height, I laid a 2X10 flat on top of the riser and mounted th seats to that. The OSB sticks out about .5" so I could mount rope lighting.

My ceiling height is 9', so I had a little more room to play than you do. I have an 8' deep, 13-1/2" high riser spanning the width of my HT, with 8" high soffits along the side and rear walls.

6'7" under the soffits may seem a little "confined" to anyone over 6' tall. Are your soffits going to be 12" high due to obstructions you're trying to hide, or was it purely an aesthetic choice? If you have the option a shorter soffit may be the way to go.

As for riser size, I wouldn't go any smaller than 8' deep. Fully reclined the 090s are about 6' long, and you may want a little extra around the perimeter for safety. (don't want your recliners right on the edge of the riser)

Width-wise I think you may need to go the full width of the room. The 090s in a two loveseat configuration will be about 11-1/2' wide. (if you push them right up against each other) If you build the riser just big enough for the chairs you're left with about 18" on either side of the riser. Not only is this a really narrow walkway, but given that your soffits appear to be about 33" wide you'll still have a height issue at the edge of the risers. (the soffits will extend past the edge of your riser)

Do you have any pictures of the room as it stands now? Maybe seeing it will give us some additional ideas as to your best options.
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Thanks for your thoughts. The room is built already (I did all the work) so the soffits can't be modified but they basically have to be the size they are. On one side are HVAC ducts and on the other is plumbing. Here are a few older pics of the room (all of the gear in it was temporary - it's all different now):



The shots aren't very good and are outdated, but the room is the same with the exception that the trim is up and the side/rear speakers are mounted.
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