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Need Projector: Not For HT, Surprisingly!

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I'm home from college this weekend, and upon arriving, I found my Dad using his laptop for the second time since he bought it in 1999! Anyway, right before I went upstairs to go to bed, he was excited that MS Powerpoint was included on his comp. Then I asked if he often gives presentations, and he said yes....one on one, using computer monitors and other laptops, but he'd love to have a portable display unit. His ears perked up when I told him there are really nice projectors for under $2k (due to lack of FP knowledge, he figured $10k at best!)

So now I'm all excited; maybe I could get him to buy the all-magnificent LT150. However, given that he'd only need nice SVGA graphics and ultra portability, maybe he'd be better off with something else. Any suggestions? LP130? VT45? maybe one of the Sony LCDs? LT150 for sure!? Something with DVI?

I'm all ears!

thanks fellas
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Well, the LT-85 is the SVGA version of the LT-150, but for just a little more he could have 1024x768 for future use (and better looking movies at home...)

Hey Chuck,

Take a look at the Panasonic PT-LC50.

2.5kg SVGA at 700 ANSI Lumens, a fantastic buy for portability.

Here in Singapore at US$2,000/- it sells like nobody business!

LT150 - 1.5 Kg, 800 ANSI, XGA, $2300

Smaller, higher resolution, excellent picture for HT use as well. What more could you want :).
Depending on what Dad wants to throw down for the projector...

But just for PowerPoint he can get into a new Sony VPL-CS3, SVGA, 700 lumens for under $1500. Nice little move up from overheads.

Not going to be the great home theater projector though....

Or he can still get in for around $1700 with the LT85
Agree with the points above. If home theater is important,

then LT85 or LT150 is nice. If presentation is most important,

than the Sony or Panasonic mentioned above are low

priced SVGA entry units. The Panasonic received a somewhat

better rating than the Sony in a recent PC World article.

I have seen it (PT-LC50U) online for $1399 with 14 day, no

restocking fee return priviledge.

A forum search on the model number will give some review


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yeah.. but the LT150 can use memory cards directly (think it was compactflash) which can contain pictures or powerpoint presentations. Imagine not having to drag a portable pc with you - instead just the projector is enough.
The LT150 is pretty nice. I had it with me at a users group meeting and we ended up needing to use it since the projectors in the meeting room had no bulbs. Hard to believe both of the projectors were missing bulbs.... Anyway, LT150 to the rescue, worked very well. Should have set up the startup screen as an add for the company. :)

I've also used the LT150 for watching DVDs off my laptop. Kind of nice. I have a DILA G1000 which I use for my home theater. The LT150 isn't bad at all in comparison. Yeh, the DILA is better but it also cost a fair bit more.


How about a Proxima Ultralight ls-1 SVGA projector. ~1' long 8"wide ~8lbs 800lumens. Voted best projector of 1999 by PC magazine.

Its current bulb has a few hundred hours on it out of 2000 and in addition I'm including a brand new bulb still in the box!

I'm selling because I've upgraded to an XGA projector. Everything works great, perfect condition, and come with Manual, cables and a carrying case.

I haven't decided on a price yet but I will be asking at least a $1,000 but definately under $2000. If your interested just send me an email and I'll give you a definate price. I'm sure you can find a lot of info about it on the web.

Let me know.
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Thanks for the replies, boys.

The NEC LT85 and LT150 seems like best bets. They're small, light, great options (I like the memory card option), and great picture. Maybe we could get a deal on TWO LT150s...one for my dad's business, and one for my home theater! muahahaha! Ya right, keep dreamin Chuck. :rolleyes:

Parson, I'll tell you up front...thanks, but the new projector is probably a few months away, and I'm sure someone else is itching to get their hands on your LS-1.

thanks again everybody
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