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Need RCVR Advice! Help!

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I've done some reading on this forum and I need some expert advice!

I've read that the Panasonic unit covers all formats but is extremely slow. I own a Sony A-50,RCA-222 and RCA-303. Is the Panasonic slower than a 303?

I've read that the other units(all except Panasonic) do not conform to the 720 format but covers the other formats! Is 720 essential?

I've read that the Toshiba,Philips,and Mitsubishi models are manufactured by Hughes. If true, does it matter which manufacturer is selected?

Firmware Updates? Is there a model that I can purchase with the firmware already updated or does that depend on shipping date of the unit,etc. Do all firmware updates need to have the unit hit by the satellite or are the units required to be returned to the manufacturer?

Last dumb question. I can pick up a Sony SatHD100 here locally but was told it is a discontinued model. Is the new model worth waiting for or is that info unknown?

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ADMIN BUMP...Please help new member.

I don't know if the capability of passing the 720p signal without upconversion would be considered essential. In New York, prior to the WTC collapse, 'NYPD Blue' was being broadcast in 720p format and while I'm sure it would have been preferable to leave the transmission in its native state, it still looked quite good after upconversion to 1080i.

Bear in mind that I use a Toshiba DST3000, so I never receive the 720p signal in its native format. Those who receive and display the signal in its native state may feel that it makes a world of difference.

I have also heard many complaints in this forum about the slow responsiveness of the channel guide on the Panasonic unit. I could think of worse problems.

In terms of the manufacturers you mentioned and the associated firmware updates, I can confirm that the Toshiba DST3000 downloads its software updates automatically through the DirecTV satellite transmission.

There have recently been many problems in several parts of the country related to software updates on STBs manufactured by Hughes. Check through these forums very closely before making your purchasing decision.
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Always good advice to do lots of research. I too have the Toshiba DST-3000 and am very happy with it after 8 months. The updates do hose the locals channels and it takes me about 30 minutes to get the Guide back where I want it. I consider this just an anoyance. The last update sped up the Guide functionality somehow.

I think CBS & HDNet are 1080i and ABC is 720p, I could be wrong. All three look great in HD. I don't know how much truth there is to the argument that 720 handles motion better than 1080i. I have noticed some problems if the camera person zooms in close on somebody running fast.

I do not have DVI, H?MI etc for the upcoming copy protection. I'll worry about that in 3 to 5 years when it actually might affect the 1 premium show a month I might want. For now I would not want to live without HDTV! waiting for a standard. You should form your own best guess on what will work for you regarding "Standards" that don't exist in practice yet.
Thanks for the replies! KSCHONHA...it reads as if you live in the NY area as do I. I know what's available on DSS for HD but what is available OTA in this area? Is there a site for the info? Thanks for the speedy replies to all.
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