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Need receiver for interim use in nice setup

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I am in need of a need a new receiver. I intend to use the receiver for a few years until HDMI is more mature. I'm looking for something in the $300 to $400 range that will be good with an SVS 5.1 speaker setup, and will be a good fit with my Panasonic plasma HDTV. Will also be using an SA 8300HD DVR and a 480p DVD player.

I don't mind the component hookup for now but would like component switching from the receiver for the HD DVR and DVD player.

Would prefer using an authorized dealer, and in that price range the following seem to be of good quality and appropriate:

Harman/kardon AVR 340 (refurb)

Onkyo TX-SR604

Pioneer VSX-816 ( the VSX-1016 does not seem to be in stock in my area)

I am leaning toward the HK 340 because the price would be closer to $300.

I do have one concern about the HK because of the following quote from an online review"

"In addition, it will send the on-screen menus over the component outputs, which I found to be particularly handy in that I only needed to run one cable from the receiver to my projector. However, the currently selected source must be 480i/p, as the 340 cannot overlay its display onto a higher resolution format."

All advice or recommendations as to ANY receiver for my setup would greatly be appreciated.
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