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Hey guys,

Thanks in advance.

Klipsch RF-62 II Towers

Klipsch RC - 52 II Center

Klipsch RS-42 II Surrounds

Used strictly for basement home theater.

Only 5.1 necessary.

No need for bells & whistles (networking, zones, etc)

Just looking for a good quality home theater receiver.

Less than $600.

I purchased a Harmon Kardon AVR-1700 for $499 on-sale at Bestbuy, $100 off. Seemed like the best option with 100 watt + on a budget, but can easily return it.

Keep in mind I'm on the east coast of Canada, so my options are limited to big box-store options.

Thanks again!

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If you're happy with the HK, just keep it. If it has the features you want there's no need to exchange. Your Klipsch are pretty efficient so no need to chase after every last watt. Now, if there's features you think the HK is lacking, that's another thing.
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