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Need reciever for this system/setup/use

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Boston Acoustics VR3 floorstanding(2)

Boston Acoustics VRC Center

Boston Acoustics CR67 surrounds(2)

BIC PL-200 sub

adding two more speakers and sub eventually

-Plan on connecting a media center PC on Wifi network for playing music/videos

-comcast HD TV service

-also connecting a separate high end gaming PC with Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty card

-might one day add a blu-ray player...

-projector and LCD TV for screens(TV for casual use, projector for special events and gaming)

Budget for receiver 300-600max.. reasoning behind suggestions be great.

let me know what information i forgot to mention to help decide.

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With 3D support: Pioneer 1120

Without 3D support: Denon 3310
I cant find the denon 3310 uner 730 new.. any suggestions where i can find a deal? Or would it be ok to buy used?

any other reccomended receivers for the budget?
I feed my BA's with a Denon 591.

I'm happy.
My BIC PL-200 Died! ... and I didnt fill out the warrenty info

Not sure I want to spend another $280 on a sub..

What do you guys think I should rep the PL-200 with? Another one? The room isnt all that big..

btw I ended up getting the Pioneer VSX-1120-K.. the bluetooth adapter was key
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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