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Need Recomendations - Good Quiet Power Supply that woin't break the bank

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Hi all,

I recently built my HTPC, and absolutely love it. It's the only way to go. Blu-Ray, HDDVD, MKV, etc....all in one box. However, I used an old power supply I had laying around, and the thing sounds like a 747 taking off. No problem if you're watching a movie like the Dark Knight, but pop in a comedy or drama, and it's a real pain.

So, I need a reccomendation on a standard size ATX Sata Power supply, 450-500watts, that keeps it down a bit.

Thanks, any suggestions would be helpful.

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I've been very happy with Antec's EarthWatts power supplies. They're quiet, efficient, and inexpensive. You can also buy them locally - Best Buy - if you don't want to wait for online shipping.
The key to a quiet PS is to look for a single large diameter fan on the side of the power supply and no fan on the back.

I've got a Seasonic M12 430W modular PS in my HTPC. It's extremely quiet and because it's modular, I only need to run as many cables as are necessary to run the box without having lots of unused cables crammed into my little case.
How hot is the air exhausted from your current power supply, and overall case ventilation?

If it is not hot, you might be able to simply replace the fan(s) with quieter ones.

I just bought the SeaSonic S12 II SS-430GB 430W ATX12V. Seasonic is prominently mentioned in a few reviews, though there are also other excellent products. See two reviews below for details.



Just look for an efficient fanless PSU, that's what I have - dead silence, love it!
I also use Seasonic power supplies for a few reasons - they are very quiet, very efficient and very well built. Not the cheapest by any means but you get what you pay for. I must have 6 or 7 of them by bow.
I second the Seasonic votes and personally use OCZ's as well. Interestingly in the Anantech review above, the OCZ is nearly tops in the test results, nearly low in the price category, and is talked down at the end as a "Low end" unit. Yet, the CoolerMaster (of which I'm sorry to say I also own one), BLEW UP in the load test, yet they talk them up.

I can remember tests on Toms Hardware where the only PS's to survive the load test phases, were the OCZ and Seasonic. I think they make the tests easier now so others survive too. My 500W CoolerMaster PS makes WAY more heat than my 520W OCZ when placed in the exact same system. The OCZ runs room temp, the CM runs warm to the touch outside the PC case.

Cooler is better, and not making heat, beats good heat dissipation any day.
All Corsair PSUs are manufactured by Seasonic. (Before Seasonic M12D, Enermax Modu82+ and Antec Signature were released, Corsair was on the top of SPCR's recommendations.
) My favorite is

CMPSU-450VX, $57
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