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Hi -

I'm looking to replace my LCR speakers and need some advice/recommendations. Last year I put in 4 Sonance S622 in-ceiling speakers for the side and rear (please don't bash in-ceiling speakers - I had no other option.) Here is my current setup:

Yam HTR-5860

LR - some old JBL towers

C - POS speaker from cheap KLH set

surround - Sonance S622

SW - BIC H100.

My immediate priority is to replace the center channel speaker. For the LCR I do not want in-wall/ceiling. I'd prefer something long and narrow that could fit on my ent center shelf over the TV (max load 25 lbs) for the center, LR could be FS or BS. My budget is about $300-400 per speaker.

Any suggestions? Do I really need to be timbre matched to the rears? If so, anything that would be close to the S622?

thx, Don
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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