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Just got my Samsung HPT4254 PDP in for my new home. Very good looking set, tests out fine and I am pleased so far. Can't really set it up beyond just a basic visual test via HDMI for a few weeks.

First, I need a tilt wall mount for it. I am not looking to spend a fortune. I got a peerless tilt model off of Ritz but it is not 400x600 VESA (ie, big enough) even though it said it was VESA compliant and big enough for up to a 46" set. I would prefer a black mount, and definately tilting and with probably enough clearance behind so I can plug in to a standard plug outlet.

The set is going in our living room on a wall by itself (small console table underneath for some pics and for my AV123 X-CS center and a pair of X-SLS towers the only other thing on that wall). I want to mount it at picture frame height so the tilt will be neccessary.

Second, anyone got a synopsis or links for info on how I should setup and run the set during it's 'break in' period? I will be routing everything via a single HDMI through my Onkyo TX-SR674 reciever (HT10 sat box, 8300 Explorer DVR cable box, Toshiba upscaling DVD, Xbox 360).

Last... is there a source for short power cables that doesn't charge 5X the cost of the cable for shipping? One of those 1 or 2 foot cables to replace the standard six footer so I don't have to bundle up a bunch of wiring behind?
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