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I have a URC MX-880 with an MRF-260 that sits in a closet with most of my gear. I have one piece of gear in the corner of my theater that I need to get an IR signal to and I can't hit it easily w/ the MX-880 while on the couch. I have extra Cat-5 run up to my projector from the closet so I was thinking I can put an IR blaster on top of the projector and point it to the device in the corner of the room. That's about 15ft. between the projector and the component I need to control.

Right now the projector is controlled via IR w/ the remote, but if I'm going to the effort/expense to get an IR blaster up there I'd like it to also be able to control that as well. So maybe something that has a blaster and a smaller emitter for the projector?

I'm wanting to do this as cheap as possible. Does anyone know of an IR blaster that can plug into the MRF-260, be extended through the cat-5 for 40ft (I have no problem w/ cutting/splicing it to a pair in the cat-5), then has at least 15-20ft of IR range from the blaster to the destination device? Or am I going to need to get a powered repeater/blaster to stick up there?

Any recommendations that you know will work for the 15-20ft range are appreciated.
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