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I'm using my Sony Hi8 Handycam to play Hi8 tapes during an archival process. The camera has been very well cared-for throughout its life, but now it crinkles tapes during playback. After perusing the web, I determined the tape-handling mechanism inside the camcorder, in particular the roller guides that pull the tape around the video head drum, may need adjustment. One of the roller guides moves easily from side to side when touched, but there is no obvious adjustment screw, and perhaps it is already in correct adjustment (?). This may not be the problem, and I would appreciate other suggestions.

I would like to repair this tape-crinkling problem myself, but I need advice. If provided suggestions and instructions, I am confident in my ability to disassemble and adjust the camcorder.

Thank you for your help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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