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I have another post where I said my Sony tv and Pioneer Elite receiver were fried by a lightning strike. Replaced the tv with another smart tv. After much searching I have decided to stay with the Pioneer Elite receivers. I am sure there are better out there but I am familiar with the Pioneer Elite (vsx43) and I had zero problems in the three years I have had it. I have narrowed my choices down to last years VSX-45 and the new VSXLX-101. I cannot decide between them. HDMI ARC is very important to me and it looks like tyey both have them. A wireless feature would be nice to keep the receiver updated when needed but some reviews say that is iffy, could be user problem tho.
Any opinions on those two that might help me. $500 is about my limit for this unplanned event.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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