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Need serious help with 30PW850H

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Okay let me first start off by saying I am an idiot for being in the service menu, I should have never let tempt overtake me, but anyways its too late now, onto the question .

After messing with Geometry and not knowing what I did my pictures on XBOX and on DVDs are not centered they are definately off . I have been trying to mess around and can get it to look how I want but it won't save the settings I want . How would I go about saving my options in the service menu, or better yet please tell me there is like a "default reset" to set the settings back to the factory original . Please Please Please let there be an easy way to this, I call customer service and 1) I cant understand them 2) they have no clue at all what Im talking about and just refer me to a number locally that is a repair shop :mad:
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ok here is what you do......

1. if your x-box as a screen centering option set it to "o" NGC has this option

2. let the TV reach operating temptrature (about 30 mins)

3. adjust the GEOMETRY settings first

4. go into the 4:3 mode and correct any geometry issues there

5. go into the superwide mode and correct any geometry issues there.

I would recommend using your x-box as a video source if you do not have access to the DVD that the love to promote around here for TV calibration.

When I set up my set, I used several game cube games and DVDs to get the pix where I wanted it.

To save the settings press exit then menu and then turn off the TV with the REMOTE.
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YeuEmMaiMai, Thanks so much for quick reply, Im breaking into a nervous sweat here that I really screwed up something :( , I have my set on now and letting it warm up will try to align my pictures and save them like you said, I will try some DVDs and XBOX and GC games . I really think this all started with the W4X3 and W169 . I know yesterday you replied that they are supposed to be off but I can almost swear on anything that they were on and now they are perma-stuck on off :confused: ...... I will post back after I try to align this and see what happens .


Ok after experementing, it seems that 480p / and 480i each hold their own settings . I tried out a few DVDs and am trying to line up the 'warning' and 'attention' screens, after doing this for awhile it seems that my numbers are totally off from your post prior such as HOR.SHIFT 25 I am using 35, to center the picture, I tried 25 and the picture is very very off . When I compare to yours it seems almost every value is different, even VER.AMPL 20 I am using 30, that is a big difference but 20 shifts the picture totally downwards and this is the only way it seems to looks good . But anyways it seems now when my TV is in Zoom 14:9 (btw I never ever use this setting) the tiny black bars are not even, it seems there is only a black bar on the left side but nothing on the right, obviously this picture has shifted, any clue ? I really wish I knew what I was doing and can get back to the factory defaults .
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Last thing does anyone know since I even messed around in the service menu, if I was to go into Best Buy and write down all the original settings would that transfer over to my TV as the original settings, or are all TVs (same models) different? Please let me know before I waste my time, thanks .
Some tvs have a reset to default option for the SM, and if you grill customer support and ask for a senior tech you *might* have some luck getting that code out of Philips. Beyond that, Google is useful for digging up SM codes. Each tv is a little different geometry wise, and whether it's different value settings in the SM or just manufacture tolerances and differences /w the the same value settings it's hard to say. It depends upon the practices of that particular manufacturer really.
customer service has been nothing but a hassle for me, it really makes me mad . Anyone who has this TV can they do me a real big favor and read me the default values for everything in the service menu (options, geometry, 4:3, etc ... ) . And possible anything else I should know about this service menu . I just realized I can't take down the default values in best buy because 480p and 480i each have their own settings . I would need best buy to hook up like a progressive scan dvd player for me to get the 480p settings, so if anyone has a little bit of time and that can help it would be more than appreciated, thanks .
using someone elses default values will not work since those settings are dependant upon the hardware and tube installed in the TV
yeah good point, sorry for all the posting just worried about a TV that I just bought, I guess I will ask one more thing, I did end up going into Best Buy and went into the same model's Service Menu and went to options --> and it seems that both W4X3 and W169 were ON ! I turned mine off like the idiot I am and cannot turn either of them back on, no clue what either means but it seems factory default is ON! Please if someone knows a way I can turn both these features back on, the TV won't let me switch them back to ON so I am assuming another option was turned off, and that option must be turned on to enable these, hope someone can solve this, thanks again .
you have to turn off some other features to enable them. I would not worry about it if all of the modes are properly working...........
if you just bought it you will save yourself much, much hassle returning it!

or using your warranty, unless you get the AVIA test disk you will never get it looking how it was! even with the disk but i hope you have good luck!

I know that is a headache and is very miserable trying to do.
You do not need the test disk to get the picture back. I successfully adjusted my TV (same model) successfully using a game cube and dvd player.

now the geometry is a lot better than it was
YeuEmMaiMai, you don't think I should get the AVIA disc ? Was gonna order it on Amazon, think with some messing around I can get a good picture ?
I am saying that if you have a good source such as a game cube, dvd or any other source besides a Video Tape Recorder, you do not really need the disk since they also produce razor sharp clean signals, I even used my camcorder becuase it has over 500 lines of vertical resolution..

I also have the ability to output an interlaced or progressive scan signal from my PC

and I have a Nokia Monitor Test Program that I used to set the geometry. that program is free and comes on most viewsonic/nokia monitor's driver disk and runs in a MS DOS box or Windows depending upon version used and powerstrip is used to properly set the timings on the secondary display and feed it to the TV

here is the link to the nokia test program.


The reason I use several sources is to get the best compromise between all sources that I use since the signals are not 100% identical.

I used the following games with my CG

Bright games

Mario Sunshine

Pack World

Dark games

Luigi's mansion

Mortal Kombat deadly aliance



The Core


The Fugative

Cradle to crave

Camcorder focused on various lighting conditions

I made the adjustments in the following order

1. Geomerty

2. 4:3 Geometry

3. 16:9 Geometry
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hrmm .. ok let me ask this .. see if you know why and will give some examples:

When watching Alien DVD (from the new Quadrilogy set)

when the Alien title comes up the "N" is a little bit cut off, i'd say the line that looks like | is cut off, now that is on the right side of the screen .

Ok next example:

When playing sonic heroes on Gamecube the right side of the screen there is the slightest hint on black, the picture is missing like I need to move it over like a centimeter .

Problem if I move the screen over a centimeter to the right, than the N in ALIEN is even more cut off, so therefore I am cutting off a portion of the movie (defeats widescreen).

Next example:

When watching ALIEN since there are still black bars on the top and bottom because of the aspect ratio, it seems the top bar is about a millimeter or something thicker, so all I'd have to do it move the picture up a drop /

Problem :

When playing XBOX, example of game, Legacy of Kain Defiance, his health meter is in the bottom left corner of the screen its about an inch from the bottom of the screen and seems high as it is (don't remember what it looks like on a regular TV so it might be right), if I move the picture up a drop to fix the DVD so the picture is perfectly in the middle than the health bar moves up which doesnt look right .

Next example:


the "warning" and attention" message on the beginning of DVDs are they always supposed to be centered (are they like encoded centered ?) I always try to align them exactly center when I start up DVDs, but once I get it centered like the Attention in Family Guy DVD and the FBI warnings in Underworld, I turn on XBOX and games like GTA:Vice City the loading screen is not centered anymore its off the left .

Seems really confusing for me that if I adjust it on one thing it doesnt help the other, on the XBOX there is center 0 option or whatever like the NGC .

Anyways I have my DVD hooked up thru the component 4 the 480i/480p/1080i connection, and than I have my GC and XBOX hooked up to the CVI input, now I came to conclusion that the service menu can adjust for 480i and 480p, but is there 2 480p settings for the 2 inputs, or does it just cover 1 ?

When you say you checked a 4:3 DVD, your TV stretches the image right ? you can't make it 4:3 with black bars on the side ? and again a 4:3 DVD would still be adjusting in 480p since that is what the TV reads through the progressive scan player , right ?

See if any of that makes sense, and if you dont mind if I PM you, I wanna compare some settings such as IF-PLL OFFSET, mine seems to be at 82 when I see in another forum someone had 79 as default ? So let me know if its okay to PM you, and also I found another menu you might be interested in besides the service menu I will send you links, thanks .
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Ok I seemed to got in touch with a local shop that will take a look at my TV next week , under the warranty of philips . If asked should I admit to being in the service menu , or does that void my warranty ? Not sure if service menu voids warranty, anyone know ? I just told them that my picture is not centered and is shifted, and they will take a look at it .
if you admitt it then you will most likely get charged but then again that is the proper thing to do since YOU messed up the TV
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