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NEEd setup advice on my home theatre

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Need some new cables for setting up my new home theatre

Here is what i have.

40" LCd Samsung with 2 HDMI ports

Rogers 3250HD cable box

Samsung upconverting dvd with dvi port

Bose lifestyle 28

Right now my dvd is connected to the lcd using hdmi I bought a hdmi to dvi (where i connect the female dvi port into the male dvi on theback of the rogershd box).Then I tested the above hdmi cable to connect to the lcd via the hdmi/dvi converter.I didnt see the difference on the lcd unless im not doing it right.So im sticking with what rogers gave me ie the ypbretc cables

Now, ive had the bose for a while,5 yrs or so.I noticed that the ,rogershd box and

bose have digital optical cable inputs or outputs i guess.I understand the dvd is

connected to lcd using hdmi so the audio is covered there.But what if i want the dvd audio to go to the bose using optical digital cable.Right now its just the simple

audio red/white cables.

This is what the dvd has which is a new samsung upconverting hd one.

2 Audio in

2 Audio out

1 Coaxial

1 Optical

My rogers 3250Hd has these outputs

Optical audio out

Digital audio out

Audio out for rca jacks

What is the best audio cable to use for dvd to bose - i was thinking of the optical

audio.Not sure yet.

So my dvd will be connected to the bose since im using the bose as a receiver. the bose has an optical input plus a coaxil i belive.

Any advice.

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Seems pretty obvious...

Device 1 has optical and coax.

Device 2 has only optical.

Receiver has one of each.

Device 2 must be connected to the optical so...device 1 will be connected by coax.

Edit: Sorry if it was a little blunt I had a rough day.
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