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Need slim towers under $1k, upgrading from sats

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Hi all, I have a 12'x17' room with Cambridge Soundworks MC 55s 3.1 satellites (160hz to 20khz) The wife and I were going for pure aesthetics when we bought these, not understanding home theater concepts very well. They sound too tinny to us and increasing the sub to it's max 140hz to compensate sound horrible. We went to test out Mirage nanosats and omnisats, but still too tinny. After listening to a slim floor speaker ( mirage os3-fs) we agreed a floor speaker is where the sound is at.

We like the os3's looks, but I still think it was missing a little oomph in the vocals and dialogue. Can anyone recommend towers that are not too deep in physical dimension, as I don't have too much floor space and the wife doesn't want too much protrusion from the tv wall? Trying to stay under 1k with a center, but may go little higher and probably will be using the MC55s as rear surrounds and purchasing a HSU sub a little after.
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elvingomez, check out the attached thread. Good info that recently helped me in deciding which slim tower speakers to replace my aging sub/sat system as well.
Awesome, huge help! Thanks!
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