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I'm looking for a good 21-23" LCD to use an external monitor for my laptop.

Because my home office is open to the kitchen area, I would prefer a TV-type monitor over a straight computer monitor, so I can watch TV from a wireless AV receiving device (LeapFrog) that connects using composite connections.

As a professional writer/editor, crisp and clear text is a must--more important than TV PQ. I also don't require that the monitor has built-in speakers, though PiP would be nice.

Reading reviews online for different LCD's, I hear a lot of different opinions on how well any given monitor works as a primary computer display, particularly certain Samsung models, so any recommentations would be most appreciated.

I would also be happy with a straight computer monitor with a composite input like my 4 year old Dell 2007WFP, but those are hard to find if they are even made any more.
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