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Is it possible to make a rear projection screen that I could put in front of a monitor at a distance of say, 1-2 inches, and get a good image?

Will a typical LED backlit LCD monitor have enough light output to display on a non-transparent rear projection film? Like the Black Diamond .8 rear-pro film?

My goal is to bring the image of several monitors forward about 2 inches so I can eliminate the bezels in-between them when they are angled toward eachother. What kind of lens would be required to focus the image on the screen with only a throw of an inch or two? Would a Fresnel lens work?

Basically I want to use my monitor as a projector source, DIY a lens, and project it on a rear projection screen (no image size increase necessary, but also not prohibited) all within a distance of about 2 inches.

I'm looking for someone who knows the requirements of projected images. Are the light sources in a monitor not capable of a 2 inch distance?

I'm assuming a 1 inch thick piece of plexiglass (maybe some sort of privacy glass?) up against the monitor screen with a rear-projection film on it wouldn't suffice. You might see light differences from an image, but the image would be too blurry to see without some sort of focusing going on?

Anyone out there with an idea I could try to accomplish the goal?
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