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Need some advice for my HT living room.

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I know this question is asked a lot, and for that I'm sorry, but I just wanted to get some advice before making a decision I may regret without some help.

This will be my first projector. I've wanted one for many years but it just hasn't worked out. I've been reading through the forums for a little over 3 months now just trying to soak up as much information as I can before making a purchase.

I'm planing on using our living room for the set up, it's 10.5' by a 21.5'.

There isn't much ambient light, some but it's through blinds and dark curtains. Walls are dark green as well. I would however, like a bright image just in case there is some extra light. My wife doesn't like total darkness like I do for movies
. I'll probably hang it from the my 8' ceiling. So placement isn't really an issue.

I would like to have a 100"+ screen that I'll build using Wilsonart laminate.

My budget is around $600-$900 which should get me a decent 720p projector.

Although, I know I could get a used one for cheaper, which would be nice to save some money.

Some that I've been looking at are; Screenplay 7205, Planar 7010 or 7060, there are some other entry level projectors that I've heard good things about as well but some aren't quite as bright as I would like.

Any suggestions would be great, although I do understand this question is a little redundant.

Also, if there is anyone who has a used 720p projector in good condition that would like to sell, please let me know.

Thank you so much,

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Any suggestions would be great.

Thank you,
i assume the projector will not be your only display device - correct?

have you completely ruled out a purchased screen?
It will, for now, be our only display device other than our computer. I'm not so much worried about the screen yet. I'm going to build one myself and if it doesn't work out I'll buy one. I was really just looking for suggestions on what projector to purchase for my living room specs.

some of the older nicer units you mentioned, such as the planar, may not have the light output you need. i was in the same posistion as you, its in my living room so i wanted something i could use with some lights on as well. i ended up going wiht a Mitsu HC1600. you can get them right now with a rebate of $100 and a free bulb. Killer deal. Im more then happy with mine projectinig onto a wilsonart 92" gray screen. check out my thread for some pictures to help you out. and feel free to ask me any questions you want.

Panasonic AX200u

Originally Posted by reconlabtech /forum/post/15404313

Panasonic AX200u

Not for under $900, unless it's used.

Originally Posted by BuGsArEtAsTy /forum/post/15404540

Not for under $900, unless it's used.

$899 is under $900
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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