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Okay, so I had picked up a 46 inch Plasma (TH-46PZOU) from Best Buy the other week for $1100 open box, got it home, realized it had a small crack in the screen, returned it tonight and picked up a LN46A550 tonight, and the set looks fantastic, the only thing I am noticing is with 360 games/some shows even I get a kind of motion issue, where I don't know if I would call it ghosting really, but when I move the camera the rest of the screen appears to get slightly darker/lighter for just a fraction of a moment while it seems the tv adjusts, which isn't a huge deal, but it is kind of annoying, I'm wondering is this ghosting? Or is it something I can hope to minimize with adjustments?

Secondly, the speakers (as have been noted) on this set are pretty craptacular, I don't have much money I can go blow, but was wondering what you guys would reccomend for basic speakers I can plug in to avoid using the default ones? I keep hearing people reccomend Logitech but I don't see any models that are reccomended. I'm looking for something $100 or under (Yea, I know I'm cheap... but I just need something that sounds okay.)

Lastly, if my main purpose for this set is gaming (360/PS3) plus HD-DVD (I know it's dead but I still have some!) and Blu-Ray... is this still a pretty solid set? I got it on sale for $1199.99 - seemed to get great reviews around the forums, which is partly why I picked it up, is this still a good choice? I don't really have the budget for anything more than $1300, so really about the most I can spend out of where I'm already at is $100, just seeing if the LN46A550 is a pretty good overall choice for that price range, or if I should return it and pick up something different (Reccomendations?) in the same price range.

Thanks in advance guys. I know these questions are pretty lame/standard, but I'm not a huge tv guru, I just know you guys tend to be very helpful and I appreciate that.
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