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I've read through these forums (great place by the way) for a few weeks, and have learned a ton... But I have a few very specific questions.

I'm contemplating my first HD purchase in the next few weeks, and have made some broad tech decisions -- LCD, 1080p (budget permitting), and one of the higher end models. I'm an art director by trade, and so am pretty concerned with color, image quality, response time, etc. (they call me the Pixel Nazi at work).

I'm operating on a limited budget and so definitely want the best bang for the buck, and have decided that a 40" is best balance between cost and size. So I've been looking at a Samsung model (LNS4095D) and a Sony (BRAVIA KDL-40V2500), though I'm open to another brand (again, based on cost / quality).


1) The overscan issue on the Samsung is a bit concerning, especially since I am an Xbox 360 user -- I've gathered that this seems to be fixable via firmware update, but am concerned about the warranty implications of that.

2) Online vendors -- I've been buying computer hardware online for years, so know how it can go. I really, really want to avoid getting something broken or damaged though, so am curious about people's experiences with online HDTV vendors.

3) Refurbished -- I've always avoided refurbs in anything, but the $400-$500 price difference is tempting in this case (especially since it's going to be a battle with the wife no matter what). For something in this class of electronics, is refurb a smart move, or rolling the dice? Or just plain bad?

I'm also open to other recommendations -- the 47" Phillips offered next month at Costco is quite tempting, depending on the final price point. I'd ideally like to spend less than the web retail on the above sets, especially considering extended warranty and wall mount costs.

So basically, I need help! Please advise... and thanks!
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