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Hey all!

I'm looking to upgrade my SITB HT and I'm looking for some advices from the "pros"!

My situation : My PS3 is connected to my TV and I'll be streaming my MP3 from computer to PS3 into my new system and play games/watch movies so I need a setup with a good range of sound!

I'm kinda settled for my amp : Onky 606

As for the speakers, I've checked the Energy RC-30 and the KEF IQ9. I was able to listen to my CD with the IQ9 but not the Energy. I listen to alot of acoustic stuff and really liked the clarity of the guitar and the subtle but present bass with the KEF (with the KEF sub).

Facts and Problems : The store where I would buy the Energy doesn't have the Onkyo amp and I got a price for the Onkyo 606 + KEF IQ9 + Sub + Wires at the other place.

Anyone got so feedback and suggestions about this system. Would it sound good for my use? Note that right now I would buy Amp/Sub/Speakers the back speakers would be later (I'm 23 and not THAT rich
) I don't mind spending some money into this system since it will (I hope) last me alot longer than a Home Theather In The Box and give me a much better quality.

Any other inputs would be great!

Also, as for the Center and Back Speakers... is it bad if for instance, i buy a Energy center channel or Bose? Or should I stick with the same brand of speakers for the whole setup?

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