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Need some advice on LCD models..

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Hey everyone. I just need some suggestions, guidance, help, etc. on picking out my future HDTV. Let me run down my needs and wants real quick:

1. Budget: $1,000, give or take a few hundred

2. Size: something around 40" to 46", but I'm flexible for a GOOD picture quality

3. 1080p or 1080i and 120hz?

3. Plans: probably going to purchase a PS3, so gaming and BlueRay will be in the future. I plan to use an over-the-air HD antenna to get local channels, then regular FIOS or cable for other channels. Might connect a laptop, but that's a low priority.

4. I do plan on moving soon, so I don't know what kind of ambient light I will be dealing with. I can however say the TV won't be in a basement or anywhere super dark, and I don't ever plan on using black out curtains.

I talked to a local retailer (Crutchfield) and the customer service guy was real helpful. He suggested:

Sony KDL40W4100

Samsung LN40A650

His main focus seemed to be the glare that can effect Plasmas from the room.

My personal main focus is SMOOTH motion and good colors. I've seen some LCD's that have the "comet behind the tennis ball and golf ball effect" that I personally can't stand. I like my picture to look natural.

ANY help or suggestions would help A LOT!

Thanks in advance,

Cris P.
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I don't know if you can get either of those for $1k in the 40". A 46" would be a pretty big stretch. Both are great tv's. I prefer the Samsung.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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