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I built the rack out of plywood. A server rack wasn't in the budget and I am a little tight on space so I went this route.

Front view:


The wires are just hanging until I get done painting the room and can start moving equipment in. I have a couple concerns.

Number one is heat buildup. I will have an older ps3, sony receiver str-dg820, and I will probably add a cable box, and the amp for my bass shakers. It's not much equipment, but the ps3 and receiver can put out some heat. Should I cut holes in the sides an install a fan on each level? The front will remain wide open unless I decide to put a glass door on the front in the future.

My second concern is how should I run the cables to keep them tidy looking? I have 7 speaker cables, hdmi, component, a couple ethernet cables, subwoofer cable, and the power cables from the equipment.

I thought of cutting holes just large enough to get the speakers in, but maybe it would be a better idea to make a larger access and put it on hinges? This way I can connect all the wires without having to pull out my equipment.

Sound containment is not an important issue with my ht so all I care about is it looking good.

*Edit just realized I put dyi instead of diy. Can a mod change that for me?

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You're going to need some fans for sure. If you close the front with glass, then you really need the fans.

On the wires, the best way to keep them tidy is to not install them, and keep them in their packages.
Once installed, the tidy part is ruined by the ungrade machine. I had a closed rack like that once, and just cut small holes in the back, so all my wiring was outside the rack. It was a PITA. If you can hinge it for ease of access, that is a good idea.
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