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My current setup involves streaming predominately 1080p mkv's from my ext. hard drive attached to my desktop over playstation media server to my ps3.

I get the odd, file is corrupted but majority of the time i can fix that by going into the pms(playstation media server) transcoding folder and choosing a transcoded ver. of the movie.

I'm thinking of getting a WDTV live for my bedroom tv to replicate what i have with the PS3/PMS but i would like to move away from always having my desktop on 24/7. I was looking at a NASthis one:


..to replace having the need for my computer to be on while streaming a movie. What I'm looking for is the NAS to be on/connected 24/7 and be able to stream to my ps3 and the WDTVLive on demand.

My question is, will i have problems with playing specific file types now since I will no longer benefit from the transcoding of the PMS????

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated
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