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Need some clarifications for ATI dongle

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Ok I have been reading these forums for the last couple months which I used to prepare myself to buy a HDTV and the stuff necessary for connecting my PC as a HTPC. I ended up with a SONY hs510 and am very happy =). I also have a AIW 9800 pro setup and just started messing with connecting it to the TV. I don't have powerstrip yet, and I don't want it until I get a better understanding of a couple of things.

Mainly I am confused as to which ATI dongle is which. Inside the AIW box I got a splitter that ran from a video out port on the back of the card and split into the component cables, with also a SPDIF cable attached. The instructions call this a HDTV component adapter, but from what I have been reading you guys are using a adapter that runs from your DVI/VGA port and splits directly into component connectors..... so am I using the wrong thing? Functionality wise are they going to be the same?

Mainly I am interested in gaming, especially with custom resolutions. I read the thread by nintari, and I saw Tigerdave had some great sucess with the component adapter, cats 3.7, and the 3.45 beta of powerstrip. I am assuming thats the adapter from the vga port? Can anyone tell me if I should get the same thing from my component dongle?

Last thing is overscan. I have it hooked up without powerstrip as I said, and I can only get 640x480 output. This doesn't suprise me, but there is like 4% overscan on all sides... can I get rid of this in anyway? Even with powerstrip?.

Sorry for the length but I am so confused with this.... if anyone could answer this and point me in the right direction for using powerstrip with my dongle that would be great thanks.

p.s. I already sent that feedback form to ATI for the dongle =).
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Question for you Toth? how does the video signal look (just video playback at 640x480) other than the overscan issue? is it any better than the regular s-video output? I am curious myself the difference between the component output from the video port vs. the DVI. I hope someone knows the answer.

The component adapter that comes with the AIW 9800 and AIW 9700 cards is different from what most people call the dongle. The AIW adapter plugs into the special video out port of the AIW.

The dongle that most people refer to plugs into either a VGA or DVI port, there are two versions. It looks like a cut off end of a cable with 3 RCA outputs on it where the cable would have been.

As far as I know there is no real difference between the AIW adapter and the dongle in terms of how the ATI drivers treat them in terms of allowed resolutions. Physically all they do is allow the output of the AIW DACs to drive the component outputs so picture quality is about the same.

In terms of allowed resolutions, you will be able to get 640x480, 720x480, 856x480 (all are progressive) and 1776x1000i and 1920x1080i.

The best way to get rid of overscan is powerstrip. It will take a little tweaking but once you get used to it you should be fine.
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drvinhle it looks great! Just like a good pc moniter except I have to tweak the colors I think.

Thanks for the reply jvincet, I apperciate it. I figured that was the case.... can anyone recommend any good resources on using powerstrip? I have a read through a couple of the longer posts, but I was wondering if there were any written faqs?
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