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I need to replace my current HT set up which is a pair of Athena ASF-2's (big nice towers) and the matching center; along with a pair of Bose 161 for rear surrounds - no sub I figured the quad 8" in the front set was enough. I might keep the Bose speakers but not sure.

Powered by a Yamaha RX-V1800 which I think is pretty strong and I love the Yamaha sound!

Reason for replacing the front set is we are installing hard wood like laminate in our theatre room from carpet. And I have some pesky cats that jump off of the towers and pull them down from time to time. The grilles are also a used as a scratching pad once in awhile. I am afraid that they will damage the floor and the speaker as the carpeting is more absorbent...

I have it narrowed down to three options:

* Focal Sib and Cub setup found at Tweeter at sale this month --- seems like a nice set up

* Def Tech - Pro Center 1000 with Pro Monitor 1000 for front left and right (keep Bose 161 in the rear) and the Pro 800 Sub

* Boston Acoustic MCS 130 set up -- looks and sounds good (well as good as it can sound in a CC I guess?) price right now half of the two options. Just not sure if BA has gone down hill after merging with Denon?

I'd like to save the money with the BA BUT since I can't really hear what they can do I'm afraid they will suffer like many lower cost solutions and have a poor dialog track while action scenes are high. I assume the Focals will have no issues but they on;y have single mid range drivers?

I know I will not find a full sound like my towers BUT I want to come close.

Any thoughts please let me know


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If you really like your current speakers and want to save a lot of money, I have another option for you; modify them so they can't tip over! If your speakers have spikes on the bottom, it will even be easier. Simply get a couple pieces of plywood with whatever type of vaneer that will match your new floor, stain them to match and attach them to the bottom of your speakers. I would think if you cut the plywood 12 - 16 inches larger than the footprint of your speaker and then mount the speaker in the center, it would keep them from tipping.

Just my 2 cents!
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