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Finally got my tax return,so I can get upgrade my old ass tv

I've been checking the F53\5500(both 60" version) line for a while and I read recently about the new H5000 coming out shortly. Now, I know that the 60F5500 and 64H5000(and no signs of it in Canada) are using a Pentile display. But is it such a huge deal? I'd consider the 64F5500 but I can't find it for less than 1900$...

I don't really care for fancy "smart" features that gets the F5500 over the F5300 as I'll have a HTPC,PS3,Wii U plugged in,watching blu-rays and Netflix mainly.

But how would the image quality compare for the 3 sets?

Can currently grab a 60F5500 for 999$ + taxes and fees for a total of 1129.43$ or 100$ less for the F5300. Found out a 60S60 for 1298.88 for a total of 1,556.62$.

Thanks for your inputs!
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